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Face Recognition:
IRIX has been continuously researching innovative ways of authentication methods that are cost effective, have low foot print and highly accurate and support anti fraud.

One among the applications that IRIX has co-created with its partners is the low footprint 'Face Recognition System'. This application which part of our micro banking product OLiO has technology that helps in detection of a face, regardless of changes due to ageing, scar post injury and any other changes on the face . Our face recognition app uses the camera on the mobile to capture the image of the person being enrolled. The captured image is then cropped and used for face recognition. This stored image is then subsequently used in all cases to authenticate the person for his/her transactions. The face recognition application is tamper proof and throws out various levels of alerts in an exception situation. The application can easily detect usage of photos, images for face recognition.

We believe that this face recognition application eliminates the need of many expensive authenticating devices and thus enables FI transactions on even low end/ cost effective mobiles.