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With a vision of “Banking the Unbanked” we offer technology platform OLiO to banks for financial inclusion implementation. Few salient features are
  • Device agnostic and can run on Mobile, POT, Laptop
  • Compliant with IDRBT and MicroATM 1.5.1 standards
  • Allows Enrollment and Transactiion on the same device
  • Online, Offline modes of transaction with online, offline and AADHAAR authentication
  • Supports local language for receipts, menu and is voice guided
  • Exhaustive MIS/Reporting module provides reports for banks and business correspondents
  • Innovative cash settlement process reduces the risk of cash handling with minimal lead time for settlement in a secure way
  • Launch any financial product as less as 72 hrs to all the outlets or selected outlets
  • Few products that have currently launched with Banks are Savings Account, Current Account, Loan, Group (SHG/JLG) Loans, KCC, GCC, Recurring Deposit, Micro Insurance, Micro Pension, OD etc.
The major advantages include:
  • Faster enrolment and account opening: Automation of process like customer data capturing, customer verification, account approval, facilitates faster account opening
  • Organized customer data and easy accessibility: Documents are digitized which can be accessed at any point of time across the enterprise by the authorised personnel.
  • Optimum utilisation of time: It is a fast system and helps in authorised personnel spend less time in retrieving information.
  • Real time settlements: OLiO offers real time settlement of transactions with compliance to all regulatory requirements. This means instant transfers and updating of the status. The entire history of transactions is stored in the system and displayed on demand.
  • Reconciliation: At the end of each day, or at specific timelines, all transactions are reconciled as per defined field settings.