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Government Disbursements
Government with the intention of bettering the standards of living in both rural and urban population have introduced schemes like Social Security Pension, NREGS, and many other relief programmes from time to time.

Challenges of reaching entire population in a short span of time by various agencies are
  • Ensuring the benefits reach the right person at right time
  • Minimum frauds
  • Early detection of frauds in case of death or migration
  • Cash management and re-conciliation
The OLiO platform has specific advantages in linking up and co-ordinating the entire structure of Government schemes.
  • Beneficiary account creation to verification of actual recipients and co-ordinating collection and disbursements
  • The initial stage of form collections, conversion into electronic formats, collecting verification data such as fingerprints and facial recognition scans, processing the data collected, providing cards to each beneficiary
  • Linking with existing bank account on permission of Banks
  • Enabling AADHAAR enabled payments and authentication
  • Detailed MIS reports on a daily basis to keep a very good track of the programme status. Records can be maintained by officials who can track the movement of the schemes month on month, year on year.
  • Helps governments and implementing agencies to have complete control on processes.