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Micro Insurance
If Savings or Credit products take care of the present needs of the Unbanked, Micro-insurance will take care of their future, unforeseen and unexpected financial needs. There is enormous business opportunity for Insurance companies if proper distribution channel and technology are adopted.

OLiO as a platform offers the flexibility for insurance products to be managed. OLiO can help insurance providers with a good client management system, premium collection schedule tracking, claims analysis and processing, verification of claims, database management, and handling multiple products like crop insurance, livestock insurance, life and health insurance.

OLiO helps Insurance companies to,
  • Have a structured method of assimilating data and streamlining the operations, enrolment of customer, capturing bio metric details of beneficiary and nominee, digitization of enrolment etc.
  • Reduce time for processing and reduce handling costs which helps insurance providers more leeway in a market which offers low returns.
  • Scale up operation, handle large volumes and enable quick rollouts.
  • Enables the insurance provider to a strong customer service support system due to the quick turnaround times.